After returning from a long day’s tiresome work won’t it be awesome to be with someone you love? After returning from your work you must be waiting for someone for some extra care just like your mother. Every time you tend to return from your office you always think about the time you used to spend with your friends chatting and eating delicious snacks. Weekend’s used to be your favourite time to enjoy to the best. Movies, gossips, outing, shopping each and every minute of weekend seems to the best. But now you need to spend your weekend by cleaning your room and washing. Sometimes you feel so frustrated that you want to just leave your office and want to rush back to your city and family. But what if you are going to find the special someone to your life? Seems interesting? Obviously, then you have to stick to this artifact as we are going to explain every bit of how to approach the special someone without spending a penny.


Dating apps

From the heading itself we believe you have understood the proceedings. But are you aware about all the do’s and don’ts of the dating sites. Well fret not. We have your back. First of all search for the most popular app online. Afterwards download the most popular dating app using playstore in terms of android phones and apple app store in terms of iPhones. Now just register yourself by providing your details and upload your best photos. Bingo you are good to go in terms of searching your special one. And who knows that special one might end up being your life partner.

Unspoken dating rules you need to follow

  • If you feel like someone’s profile is attractive enough to match with your interest then start by saying a simple “hello”, and wait for the response. Don’t rush the process as good thing happens eventually. According to dating experts if you rush the process 37% of chances of getting along will be gone for you.
  • Try to reply within 24 hours otherwise the other individual may think that you are not that much interest.
  • Before straight away going out try to know the other person as much as possible through other social media sites.
  • Wait for the perfect as well as comfortable time to share your phone number.
  • Set up the in person meeting between 7th day to two weeks after knowing each other well.
  • Follow these rules and you will be thanking us later.